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Get Implemented in as little as two days

Let us take away the hard work of digitising your Compliance.

For a small business of 30 employees, we would estimate implementation to take two days, and so only cost £600.

Dreading digitising your paper based QMS? Worried about the excessive costs of implementation? Concerned about learning how to use a new software from scratch? 
Our new implementation package will help save you time and money digitising your QMS.

With Our Implementation Package You Will Get:

Affordable Help

just £300 per day professional services to get you set up smoothly.

What you're used to

We will move your current documents and proceses on to Jomo247

A Confident Feeling

With 4 hours of training included for you and your staff

Breathing Space

200 free actions whilst you work out which package suits you

We can:
  • Help you build unique process flowcharts for your organisation.
  • Digitise your existing processes.
  • Configure and organise folder hierarchies.
  • Upload and tag your existing documentation.
  • Train you and your team up on the software.
Unlike other QMS software companies Jomo247 does not limit your usage with modules. There are no extra hidden costs with Jomo247 to pay to get your QMS set up in full.
You will also get access to a bank of example templates with your implementation package. 
Our templates are customisable and you can configure them to your specific requirements. You can also create your own process templates. 
We offer our professional services for £50 an hour if you need more help after implementation.
Unlike other software, Jomo247 does not need any back-end configuration to fit you.
Jomo247 is easy to use, meaning training will be easier and faster. We provide an extensive library of training videos which cover all areas of the software.
So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to arrange your implementation package today.

Get in Touch for More Information

Not sure what you'll need? Don't fret!
Get in touch now and we can answer any questions and give you a quote for implementation.

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