Jomo247 Meet Our Team

Find out a little bit more about us at Jomo247

Everyone listed below is key to making our little corner of the world go round! We are a tight-knit team at Jomo247, and work to support each other, our clients, and our mentors. 

Tony Burpee

Tony Burpee


Born in the North West of England, I have co-founded many companies, some were even successful! I am a big believer in people and their ability to do new and interesting things. I trained as a biochemist and have spent the last 30 years managing people internationally. I enjoy merging Management with Data science and Jomo247 is the result – I have a forgiving family and understanding friends!

Andrew Brailsford e1598954455120

Andrew Brailsford

Director of Software Engineering

Andrew directs our software development team, approving our design work and developing Jomo247’s licensing requirements.

Adam Bent scaled e1610961388104

Adam Bent

Head of Cloud Technologies

Adam manages our products which reside on the Internet or that interact with Internet-based services.

alyssa jomo247 product owner


Alyssa uses her background in implementing quality systems to help customers achieve their quality goals using Jomo247. She also works on requirements and new features.

Alex Bierton e1600075693470

Alex Bierton

SOFTWARE Developer

Alex develops and constantly improves the features and user interface of our Jomo247 application.


Erin Irons


Erin helps support customers in setting up and managing their quality systems on Jomo247. She also creates training videos and informative written content for the website.

Josh Brailsford scaled e1598954550517

Josh Brailsford


As our test lead, Josh prepares the documents and environment we use for testing along with completing testing himself. He also manages Jomo247’s requirement documents.

Amy Crawshaw e1598954399933

Amy Crawshaw


Amy tests Jomo247’s features to make sure they deliver for our customers. She also gathers and processes customer requirements.

Karen Harrison e1598954628943

Project manager

Karen makes sure that all aspects of Jomo247 meet our high standards for quality, so that our customers have confidence to use Jomo247 to control quality within their own businesses.

David Earp

David Earp

Cloud Infrastructure Architect

David develops and maintains our cloud infrastructure here at Jomo247.

Jo Crofts e1598954499536

Jo Crofts

customer specialist

Jo looks after customer requirements and ensures Jomo247 is designed with the customer experience in mind. She also works in our sales and customer relations team.


Our Compliance QMS Software

Add your quality procedures and processes and tag them against your standards of choice to make audits quick and easy.