Looking for a Management Consultant? Jomo247's NEW Mentor Platform

Do you need a management consultant? Our mentor platform promotes a range of experts with varied management skills including:

Quality Consultants

Business Consultants

ISO Consultants

Management Skills Consultants

Jomo247's Management Consultants - where did they come from?

At Jomo247, we created a brand new software that allows you to create an affordable QMS tailored to you.

We wanted to create a space for consultants who shared the same values as us, and as the software. We called this our mentor platform, and the management consultants are our mentors.

We pick our mentors from across the globe, to reflect the remote working nature of the software as well as its ability to manage a QMS through multiple languages.

They are each driven by a passion for continual improvement. We want Jomo247 to foster and grow continual improvement within businesses who choose to subscribe to the software.

Each consultant on our platform wants to educate their clients, and provide not just a sticker on the wall or a certificate for their file, but tangible benefits to management, staff, customers, and suppliers alike.

But Why Do I Need A Management Consultant?

management consultant

A good management consultant can provide your business with a massive ROI through writing up new and more efficient policies and procedures, looking at the data you have and identifying key areas for improvement, and showing you how to perform better in specific areas. 

You might hire a quality consultant because you need to be ISO 9001 certified to trade with suppliers. But that certification can help you do so much more.

The quality management consultants on Jomo247’s mentor platform will help you grow your business, and looking at their mentor spotlight articles will help you decide if they’re the right consultant for you.

We have consultants who work all over the world, reflecting the global nature of our QMS software.

We currently have mentors based in...


North America

Eastern Europe

The Caribbean


Western Europe


The UK

Who cover a range of standards including...


Our Compliance QMS Software

Add your quality procedures and processes and tag them against your standards of choice to make audits quick and easy.