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Our Mentor Platform for ISO Consultants & Auditors

We know how important it is for reputable ISO consultants and auditors to secure new clients
That’s why we created our global mentoring platform for quality consultants like you. Our Mentor Platform is a place where new clients can contact you for advice and join your network.
We like to think of it as an online high street for quality consultants. Our platform encourages peer support allowing growth through innovations and collated knowledge.
You can also invite your existing clients to communicate with you securely. Our website can help assist remote auditing and other virtual services. 
If this sounds good, we invite you to an initial meeting over Zoom or telephone, to discuss how we can help each other.

At your initial meeting, you will have a chance to tell us about yourself and your experience. We can also answer any questions you might have. Following this, we will set a profile up for you on the site and post a personalised mentor spotlight to our blog. This will give you the opportunity to showcase your skills to potential new clients

Mentor benefit list for jomo247 ISO consultant

All we ask of our mentors is to:

– Respond to enquiries from businesses on the platform within 5 days in 80% of cases.

– To produce one article for publication per quarter.

At Jomo247, our mission is to globally connect businesses with quality management experts. We also want to encourage the sharing of best practices and raise quality standards for all. As a quality auditor, we know you would be perfect for the role.

Mentors: frequently asked questions by ISO consultants

We are excited to launch our new mentoring platform on Our platform aims to make effective quality management accessible for all businesses globally.
We have received lots of enquiries about the requirements for our mentors, so we have made a quick FAQ to help.

Click here to find out more about our platform, including why we started it, how it works, and more!

If you have a question that isn’t listed, email us at [email protected] and we will be in touch shortly.

Jomo247 software: a 'new path' for ISO consultants

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tasks iso consultant quality management

Quality Management that works for ISO consultants and auditors

Jomo247 is a secure online solution for your Quality Management System. With our simple QMS software, daily task management is easier and more secure than before.
You can store your data and documentation securely, with easy access for the right people. Unclog your inbox and enable teams to focus on improvement, not admin. With Jomo247, compliance is for everyone.
Our unique tagging system, allows you to reference your processes and tasks. This makes them easy to locate if you need to check how they are progressing. Organise your tasks in folders to allow easy management.
Analytics are a breeze to see for each task, and new team members can be invited in a few clicks. We designed Jomo247 to be simple enough to use that it makes processes easier to manage. 
process quality auditor quality management system
Retire old processes to ensure all your procedures are up-to-date.
Jomo247 track and logs every interaction in our system – so you know when and why everything has happened. 
Spot and sort issues straight away with our instant updates and real time reporting.
Smart automation means people are never updated unless they need to be. Assign asks to individuals or groups for easy collaboration. Set Roles so staff only see the information relevant to them ensuring confidentiality.
Resolve queries quickly and keep the conversation on topic with the comments section.
Find out more at, and save yourself both time and money. Want free access to this amazing new software? Sign up to be a mentor above!
If you would like to see the software before becoming a mentor, please book demonstration now!

Our Compliance QMS Software

Add your quality procedures and processes and tag them against your standards of choice to make audits quick and easy.