Software Updates and Change Log

The Latest Updates to Jomo247 our innovative QMS Software Solution.

1.2.1 2021-07-05


  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect Hub was shown by default on the Manage Hubs page.

1.2.0 2021-06-30

New Features:

  • Hub Administrators can now copy content from other Hubs, including Folders, Activities, Templates, Tasks, Tags and Documents!
  • Activities, Tasks, Tags and Documents can also now be copied within hubs.


  • Guidance added to inform Hub Administrators regarding inviting external users on the Manage Hubs page (730736)
  • Added redirection for switching Hubs whilst on a page with context specific content (such as Activities, Tasks, and Document versions) (730731)
  • Added functionality to auto-select the currently logged in Hub if you are the administrator on the Manage Hubs page, so the options displayed are for your current Hub (730308)
  • Added functionality to prevent duplicate Folder names at the same level in the hierarchy (730695)
  • Amended legal information in our About Box (730725)
  • Disabled Email and Password auto-fill on the Login Page to improve security (730718)
  • Added functionality so that the Hub License Banner notification can now be switched off at Jomo247’s discretion (730722)


  • Fixed an issue where using apostrophes in tags would cause an error (730739)
  • Fixed an inconsistency with the length of Hub Description (730715)
  • Fixed an inconsistency where the Folder ID was not visible on the timeline and audit pages (730714)
  • Fixed an inconsistency where Documents in Active Tasks could not be filtered by or searched for on the My Documents Page (730611)
  • Fixed an issue where Role names were not being updated correctly in the Activity Template Editor (730474)
  • Fixed an issue where pop-ups were not resizing correctly on Internet Explorer 11 (730451)
  • Improved the sizing of steps to accommodate longer names in the Activity Template Editor (730475)
  • Fixed an issue where the clear button was sometimes disabled when searching via Tags (730525)
  • Fixed some issues relating to our maintenance and administration site (730530)
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect error message was displayed when a user was not added properly on the Manage Hubs page (730729)
  • Fixed issues where content from deleted parent items (Folders, Activities, and Tasks) could sometimes still be viewed (730731, 730459)
  • Fixed an issue where the Hub Name did not update to the Hub signed in to after a Hub had been deleted (730750)
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect instructions were displaying on the Quick Start Page (730751)