Moderation & Comment Policy

Jomo247 is a community for professional discussion. If you wish to contribute to articles, comment on them, or to communicate with others on this platform, you must follow our participation guidelines.
  • Be positive and respectful to everyone using the platform.
  • Stay on topic when commenting on articles.
  • Avoid religious or political discussion, especially discussion which could break election or referendum rules.
  • Jomo247 has a zero-tolerance policy for language which is offensive, inflammatory, or provocative (including, but not limited to, language that is threatening, racist, sexist, homophobic, obscene, or offensive – such as swearing). Do not use any such language.
  • Do not commit libel, condone illegal activity, or break any other laws when using the platform.
  • Do not breach privacy, such as by posting personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or other online contact details of others.
  • Do not impersonate a person or claim to represent a person or organisation which you do not represent.
  • Do not attempt to log on as another user.
  • Do not SPAM on the platform. Spamming is posting the same or similar comments multiple times across our platform.
  • Do not promote or endorse any products or publications you have a commercial interest in. Do not promote any services other than your own, and only then if you are a mentor on Jomo247.
  • Do not post links with contravene any of our other guidelines or which link to immediate file downloads. You may post links to other reputable articles or sources of information which may be beneficial to other users, provided you do have not been paid to do so.
  • You must be aged 16 or over to participate on this platform.
Comments and articles on this platform will be periodically reviewed to check they comply with these guidelines. Users whose behaviours or actions contravene these guidelines will be warned, and should they repeatedly contravene the policy or ignore the moderators’ warnings, be removed from the platform. Users who use aggressive or abusive language (including, but not limited to, language that is threatening, racist, sexist, homophobic, obscene, or offensive – such as swearing) shall be removed from the platform on the first occurrence. 
We reserve the right to amend this policy as we deem necessary.

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