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What is a Project Proposal Form and why is it important?

A project proposal form is a critical document which defines everything your internal stakeholders and upper management must know about a project and why you are the best team to carry it out in an efficiently condensed manner.

A project proposal form clearly solidifies the expectations of your stakeholders and upper management by allowing them to clearly analyse and determine both the viability and profitability of the project before they decide to approve and fund it.

Your project proposal form should describe the key elements of the project, such as the problem you wish to tackle, your proposed solution and the steps you will take to achieve it and potential risks among other things.


How to create your own Project Proposal Form.

Our free template which can be downloaded below gives you an outline of all the information your project proposal form should include but you will require more space to fill out each section than has been provided.

At the start of your form, you should have fields to capture important details about the proposal, such as who it was submitted by, when and to whom, as well as the proposed project name to establish traceability.

The main body of your proposal form should be used to collect key details about the project.

You’ll want to begin by including an introduction summary which will briefly outline your project and objectives.

Now you should include sections to capture important information about specific elements of the project, such as:

  • Problem and Solution: You should detail the problem you are wanting to resolve with the project and why it is important to tackle it, followed by your proposed solution and the steps you will take to achieve it.
  • Objectives: It is crucial to clearly outline the objectives you wish to achieve so that your team, upper management, and stakeholders know what to expect and can measure the success of the project.
  • Projected Budget and Resource Requirements: Be sure to include predictions and justifications of your cost and resource requirements, such as staff members, equipment, or office space as this can help upper management and stakeholders analyse the profitability of the project.
  • Timeline and Milestones: You should establish a clear project timeline and milestones so that upper management and your stakeholders can track your progression and see that everything is running smoothly.
  • Potential Risks: It is critical that you identify potential risks that may occur and clearly describe how you would eliminate, prevent, or reduce their occurrence to avoid project downtime or unforeseen costs.

This should be followed by a conclusion, which sums up all the key details of the project proposal form in a clear and concise manner.

Finally, you may want to include a section where the project approval should it be granted is recorded and evidenced.

You should include fields to record who approved it, their signatures, and the date the approval was granted.


Using Jomo247 to manage your projects.

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