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Change management Process

What is a Change Management Process?

A change management process facilitates the introduction of new transitions to the culture, infrastructure,
technologies, or internal processes of your organisation.

It details what would happen when a significant change occurs.

The steps it consists of must be designed with the goal of making the transition process as smooth as possible.

Why is a Change Management Process important?

Your effective change management process drives the successful adoption and utilisation of change within your organisation.

It ensures that all employees understand, commit to, and continue to work productively during said change.

Without a successful change management process, organisational transitions can become difficult and costly to both your time and resources.

What is a Change Management Process Compliance Pack?

Our compliance packs are collections of free process templates which are free to download!

Each compliance pack has a number of relevant templates which are designed to help you with your business processes.

They have been designed using Jomo247’s process workflow designer.

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