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What is a Management Review Template and Why is it Important?

A management review process template outlines the necessary steps required to enable management to evaluate the effectiveness of established processes and procedures within your organisation.

A standardised management review template will make it easier to identify any areas that require improvement helping to drive development within your organisation which is essential to achieving compliance.

A successful management review template will ensure the continual improvement of processes and procedures within your organisation and ensure optimum operation.

How to Create your own Management Review Template

When planning your management review template, the first step is to determine what objectives you are wanting to achieve with this process.

For a management review template, the goal is to ensure that management can effectively evaluate the successes and failures of key process and procedures.

The next step is to consider what the starting and endpoints of your template will be.

In our example which can be downloaded below, our process begins with setting the management review schedule and ends with a review of the implemented improvement plan.

However, your organisation may want to carry out your management review differently from our example.

With Jomo247 our workflow designer is completely configurable meaning you can design templates specifically tailored to your organisation.

Now you can begin filling in the remaining steps that are required to move your management review process  from start to finish.

Think about all the steps that are needed to ensure management effectively evaluate processes and procedures and address any areas for improvement.

Next you will want to determine who will be involved in your management review template.

Think about the stakeholders who will be involved, their individual responsibilities and the information they require to efficiently complete the task.

When creating roles think about the different departments in your organisation that will be involved in your management review process.

In our example, we use generic roles like ‘Review Team’ or ‘Implementor’. However, you may want these to be more specifically tailored to your organisation.

With Jomo247 our workflow designer incorporates fully customisable roles which means you can determine exactly who is involved at each different step of your management workflow.

Now a clear plan has been decided you can create your management review workflow template.

You can use more traditional methods to map out a stationary image of your management review workflow.

However, we recommend designing a digital version using software like Jomo247 that automates your processes.

Once you have completed your management review template it can now be implemented.

Do not forgot to closely track the progress of your new process in case improvements are required.

Continual improvement is essential to your compliance and increasing productivity within your organisation.

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