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What is an Unplanned Deviation Management Process and why is it Important?

An unplanned deviation management process outlines the steps required by your organisation to successfully respond to and investigate any unexpected changes to your processes, operations, or products.

Having an effective unplanned deviation management process implemented can help minimise the impact of any unexpected changes that occur as your organisation is better prepared to deal with them.

A successful unplanned deviation management process will ensure you thoroughly understand why unexpected deviations occur and allow you to effectively administer corrective or preventive action preventing future reoccurrence.

How to Create your own Unplanned Deviation Management Process

To begin planning your process, you will first want to determine what objectives you want to accomplish with this process.

For an unplanned deviation management process, the goal is to successfully respond to unexpected changes and prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

Now consider the starting and endpoints of your process.

For example, in our free template which you can download below our process begins with the observation of an unexpected deviation and ends with the resolution and closing of said deviation.

Once you have determined the start and end of your process, you can now determine the other steps required to allow the process to move from start to finish.

Think about the different steps a deviation needs to go through so that it can be correctly investigated and dealt with.

Remember it is important to identify which of your steps require conditional logic before the process can be actioned through.

Next you will want to determine who will be involved in this process.

Think about which stakeholders would be involved, their specific duties and the information they require to successfully complete the task.

Remember, a single role could play a part on a variety of different steps.

Additionally, multiple roles may have responsibility on a singular step.

Our template uses roles such as ‘Quality Assurance’ or ‘Head of Department’, however, your organisation may have different names for these roles or different departments involved in dealing with unplanned deviations.

Once you have established a clear plan you can now create your process template.

You could use more traditional methods to create an image of your process.

Implementing your Unplanned Deviation Management Process Digitally

We recommend using a software that allows you to digitally build your templates so that you can then automate your processes, like Jomo247.

With Jomo247 customisable roles are incorporated into our process template builder meaning it is even easier to control who is involved at each step of the process.

Once you have completed your template it is time to implement the new process.

Remember, it is important to monitor the performance of the new process in real time in case adjustments are needed.

Continual improvement of your processes are essential to attaining compliance and guaranteeing that your organisation is operating optimally.



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