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Why should you use a thermometer probe?

A thermometer probe is used to measure the temperature of food at every stage of the food preparation process to ensure that potential chemical, physical, and biological hazards have been reduced, prevented, or eliminated.

Any business that makes, sells, stores, or transports food must use a temperature probe in a systematic order to ensure the highest degree of food safety.

Thermometer probes are an essential tool in any commercial kitchen as temperatures must be taken at every step of the food preparation process, including when food is prepped, cooked, cooled, reheated, frozen, and defrosted.

Not only does using a temperature probe ensure any potential hazards are avoided it also helps you achieve and maintain a consistently high quality of delicious food.

For more information about food safety refer to the HACCP website.


What is a thermometer probe record sheet and why is it important?

It is crucial that your food business consistently maintains the accuracy of all the thermometer probes that you utilise to ensure you are reducing, preventing, or eliminating any potential hazards and ensure you are protecting the health of your customers.

This means that you should be checking that your thermometer probes are calibrated correctly on a regular basis; if they are giving inaccurate readings, your food may not have been prepared correctly and could cause your customers to become seriously unwell.

There are two methods for calibrating your thermometer probe, these include:

  • Dipping your probe into boiling hot water, your reading should be between 99-101 degrees Celsius.
  • Dipping your probe into ice cold water, your reading should be between -1-1 degrees Celsius.

For best practice we recommend using both methods when checking the accuracy of your thermometer probe.

Once you have taken your readings, make sure to record the results in your thermometer probe record sheet to ensure.

How to create your own Thermometer Probe Record Sheet.

When initially planning to create your own thermometer probe record sheet, you need to consider all the critical information you must record to ensure that your thermometer is giving the most accurate readings possible.

We recommend using a table format to record your thermometer probe readings as it is a clear way to present the data and help you easily identify any outliers.

Firstly, you should include a column to record the date as it is important to evidence that you are consistently checking the accuracy of your thermometer probe.

Next, we recommend including a column to record the ID number of your thermometers to ensure traceability.

You will want to include two separate columns to capture your temperature readings in both iced and boiling water.

A column to record any corrective action should a thermometer probe become faulty should then be included in your table.

Lastly, you should include a column to record the initials of the person who carried out the thermometer probe check.

This means that should anything go wrong with a thermometer probe, and you need to chase it up, it is easy to locate the individuals involved.


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