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What is a Supplier Corrective Action Report Template (SCAR) and why is it important?

A supplier corrective action report is raised by your organisation when a non-conforming product received from a supplier is identified.

The report documents and clearly communicates the nature of the non-conformity to your supplier and requests investigation and the implementation of both corrective and preventive actions to prevent its future occurrence.

SCARs help you work collaboratively with your suppliers to rectify non-conformities whilst also helping you to effectively evaluate the performance of your suppliers.

For example, if a certain supplier has received numerous SCARs from your organisation, it may be indicative that they are not effectively addressing their non-conformances and have little regard of SCARs you have previously raised.

Therefore, it is important to issue SCARs when non-conformities occur as it ensures suppliers clearly understand the expectations of your organisation and are consistently performing to your required standards.

How to create Supplier Corrective Action Report Template

A supplier corrective action report template should be split into two separate sections.

  • The first section should be completed by the individual in your organisation that identified the non-conformity.
  • The second section should be completed by the supplier to evidence that they have investigated the non-conformity and determined both corrective and preventive action to implement.

Be sure to create fields that will collect important information regarding the non-conforming product such as the product ID number, product name and the supplier of the product to ensure traceability.

Next you should include a filed where a detailed description of the non-conformity can be recorded.

This enables effective communication between your organisation and supplier and is it allows you to clearly define the issue to your supplier so that they can determine what has gone wrong and why.

Make sure to also include a field where the disposition of the non-conformance can be recorded.

The disposition defines the outcome of the review process of the non-conformity by your organisation and lets the supplier know what you decided to do with the product that did not meet your requirements.

For the supplier section of your supplier corrective action report template, you will want to include a field where your supplier can detail the outcome of their root cause analysis.

Including a section for root cause analysis is crucial as it allows your supplier to identify what caused the non-conformity to occur and determine appropriate action to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Your supplier corrective action report template should also include separate fields where your supplier can record their plans for both corrective and preventive action.

This allows your supplier to clearly communicate how they plan to rectify and prevent the future occurrence of the non-conformity establishing accountability and enabling your organisation to easily measure their performance in meeting these issues.

Do not forget to include a field for to record your supplier’s signature to establish traceability.

This is important especially if the same non-conformity were to reoccur in the future as it helps you determine who was responsible for preventing this.

In our free example which you can download below, we also include a section for the approval of the supplier corrective and preventive action plans by your organisation.

This is useful addition to the form as it allows your organisation to clearly communicate whether or you are happy with the suggested corrective and/or preventive action and if not ensures the supplier reviews and alters accordingly.

Be sure to include a field to record the signature of the person who has approved the corrective and preventive action for traceability and accountability purposes.

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