Roland Scherb: Quality Management Expert

A Q & A with our New Mentor Roland Scherb

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We are excited to introduce a new quality management expert, Roland Scherb.

Roland is the Director of PeRoBa, who are globally leading impulse generators in the quality management department. They offer high-quality consulting, auditing, quality management training, seminars, and workshops. Read on to find out more about Roland and his work in quality management systems or visit his profile and contact him here.


How did you get involved in quality management?

I got involved in quality at the end of the 80’s, and before that I thought it was nonsense. However, as I worked more closely in contact with it, the concept started to make sense.

My understanding came to be that quality, when done in the right way, should be helpful for business improvements, processes, and systems.

What are your specialisms as a quality management expert?

Regarding standards, I specialise in ISO 9001, IATF, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and Compliance.

I studied computer science, economics and German legal studies, so I have a wide ranging educational background.

I work mainly in the automotive and manufacturing industries, and the way I work reflects this. For the standards I offer, I am a specialist. From the moment of signing with a company, I work towards ensuring that they fulfil the requirements of the standards they choose.

Our principle: “Your success is all that matters to us!”

What is your favourite thing about quality management?

Anything regarding audits would have to be my favourite part – as I see this as the way towards continual business improvement.

I educate my clients to have a deeper understanding of standards and see audits not just as excessive controlling or testing but as improvement.

Improvement through standards creates improvement for processes, the company, and its employees.

A lot of customers and companies initially see audits as tests. I can see why this is because you have to pass and check certain things for certification. However, from my understanding and from the way I work, it’s more of a coaching process in order to better the company in every feature.

What does a typical day of work look like for you?

My typical day begins with a check on the news. It’s important to keep up to date with important trends and events which might impact my customers.

I prefer to work quite people-focused and spend the majority of my working day with colleagues, contacts, and customers. Normally, I would be meeting people in meetings, conferences, and workshops that I run.

Due to Covid-19 I have missed out on that face-to-face contact, although I have been using video conferences a lot more.

There are benefits to this though, as we have now published a new remote auditing software iVision® where processes can be completely fulfilled digitally according to ISO 19011.

What interests you about becoming a mentor?

I would like to share my knowledge about audits and quality management.

From my point of view, it would enable me to develop a new audience’s understanding and bring the theme of quality to the attention of more companies. Every tool available needs to be harnessed to enable this, I think Jomo247 could be one of these tools for me.

Quality can secure your business for the future with its focus on continual improvement, so that should be the main focus for any business with any level of self-awareness.


What do you think the next big thing will be in quality management?

I believe digitization, especially data security is the next big thing. There has been a digitalisation process over the past year or so with the rise of video conferencing and remote working, but this has pushed a bigger movement.

Big data has brought up things about data security, especially with things like GDPR which will have to accommodate these changes.

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