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What is a Recruitment Process Template and why is it important?

A hiring process template outlines all the necessary steps to ensure your organisation successfully locates and hires the most suitable new employee.

It follows the entire period from formation of a selection committee to the moment the candidate accepts the formal job offer.

Having an established recruitment process template helps streamline recruitment and selection, and makes finding the most suitable candidate faster and cheaper.

A successful recruitment process template will also ensure consistency in the recruitment process for all potential candidates guaranteeing fairness and preventing feelings or accusations of discrimination.

How to create your own Recruitment Process Template

To create your own clear recruitment process template, you need to begin by outlining both the scope and outcomes you are hoping to achieve with your process.

With a recruitment process template, the main goal is to successfully locate and hire the most suitably skilled employee to join your organisation.

The next step is to establish both the starting and ending points of your hiring process template.

In our free example which you can download below, we begin our template with the formation of a recruitment selection committee to the formal acceptance of the job offer.

Now you have determined the start and endpoints you can begin filling in the connecting steps that will allow your process to move from beginning to end.

Think about every step that needs to happen within the recruitment process, such as creating the job description, sharing the job advert, conducting interviews, and selecting the most appropriate candidate.

Once you have determined all the steps in your recruitment process template, you can now consider all the roles that will have responsibility within the process.

Consider all the stakeholders who will play a part, their responsibilities, and the information they will need to complete the task effectively.

Based on these three factors you can then determine roles for each step of your template and establish accountability.

Our example uses generic roles names like ‘HR’ or ‘Interviewer’.

However, your organisation may wish to tailor these role names more specifically to your circumstances.

With Jomo247, customisable roles are built into our template and can be linked to each specific step of the process meaning its simple to control who will have responsibility at each different step.

Now that all your planning is complete, you can finally create your recruitment process template.

You may want to use traditional methods to create a basic image of your template.

Alternatively, we recommend using a software, like Jomo247 that will also allow you to automate your processes and eliminate messy paper trails.

Once your template is finalised it is now time to implement your recruitment process template in your daily operations.

Do not forgot to constantly monitor the performance of your new template in case adjustments are required.

Remember continual process improvement is important in ensuring your organisation obtains compliance and your daily operations run optimally.

Download our free PDF recruitment process template below.

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