Ravi Prakash: Consultant and Lead Auditor

A Q & A with our New Mentor Ravi Prakash

We are excited to introduce a new quality mentor on support.jomo247.com: Consultant and Lead Auditor: Ravi Prakash.

Ravi has over 30 years of experience in quality management, and his company specialises in working with aerospace and automotive industries. Read on to find out more about Ravi and his work in quality management systems or visit his profile and contact him here.


How did you get involved in Quality?

Whilst working on aircraft maintenance (as a Maintenance Professional with Indian Air Force), I used to sometimes curse the supplier on sending a wrong or defective part. Slowly, I started getting interested in the Standards and metrics which started fascinating me.

Later, when I joined a MNC which is about to start Indian Operations, I got the opportunity to manage the quality for a supplier organization. There, I built the quality management system which eventually lead to approval from DGCA (India) for both the documentation and to legitimise my career as a quality manager.

After working for different organizations, we have now started the organization Excellence and Eminence LLP in Bangalore. We serve customers from multiple industries in the areas of consulting and certification. Our training focus is on ISO standards, Lean Six Sigma and Leadership Development.


What are your specialisms as a consultant and lead auditor?

I have a total of 33+ years experience in maintenance management, quality management and continuous improvement across sectors like aerospace and defence, automotive, railways, and engineering services.

I had an opportunity to learn a lot during these years.

My focus would be on mainly on Six Sigma and ISO standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949, AS 9100, ISO 22163.

I am a Certified Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, and IATF 16949. I am also a certified internal auditor for AS 9100, ISO 22163 standards.


What is your favourite thing about Quality Management?

The involvement of multiple layers and the interaction between processes is something which helps a management system to work well.

In addition, data, metrics and most important of all is the continual improvement which leads to flexibility in operations.

In my opinion, quality should enable and ease the burden on the business rather than making a new pile of documents.


What does a typical day of work look like for you?

In a typical day, I prefer to start at 5 AM and get straight up to freshen up and begin my daily routine. At around 7 is the time I usually sit down to plan the activities of the day.

There would be some time kept aside for interacting with people, supporting them, and giving guidance when there is a request.

General office time is between 9 AM to 5 PM which is generally spent according to my calendar (customer discussions, Team discussions etc). When I am training , this will stretch until about 7 PM to manage the day’s activities.

Approximately 1 hour is kept for my own learning and improvement, as well as developing my social media presence.

I also work on my blog and website when there is some free time.


What interests you about becoming a mentor?

My belief is that, in general the team or the client always would like to do the things the right way. My job is to identify what is going wrong, and advise on smarter ways of doing things.

Experience shows that those who do thing smarter will have less issues and build excellence.


What do you think the next big thing will be in quality?

It has already been seen across places and organizations that quality and the quality team has looked at the tool to the promote business. Organizations without a focus on quality and who don’t have systems in place will fall by the wayside.

Secondly, the quality team will be pillar around which coordination and guidance is expected more than just within audits and compliance. Quality will be more of an enabler to business growth than just as a compliance mechanism.


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