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What is a Quality Sampling Workflow and why is it important?

A quality sampling workflow delineates all the steps required to successfully take and compare samples to ensure consistency of your products over time.

It is important to have a clearly defined quality sampling workflow as it means all your products will undergo the same sampling process and are checked to the same levels of quality eliminating discrepancies.

A successful quality sampling workflow will also help to streamline the sampling process meaning it becomes faster and easier to ensure conformity among your products and reduce added workload.

How to create your own Quality Sampling Workflow

To create your own quality sampling workflow, you need to start by defining both the scope of your process and what outcomes you want to accomplish with it.

The goal of your quality sampling workflow is to ensure that you can clearly measure the quality of your products and their consistency over time.

When creating a quality sampling workflow, it is important you establish your starting and endpoints before you begin considering the connecting steps.

In our free quality sampling template below, we begin our workflow with determining the item for sampling and finish it with the recording of the outcome.

Now you can determine your connecting steps, think about everything that needs to happen to a product if it either conforms or does not conform to standards. For example, if a product does not conform you may need to remove it from use.

Once your steps have been established you now need to consider the roles that will have responsibility within your workflow.

Consider the stakeholders who will be involved, their specific duties and the information they need to successfully accomplish the task at hand. Based on these factors you can then determine the specific roles for every step of the workflow and establish accountability.

Our example uses broadly generic role names like “Sampler” and “Head of Department”. However, your organisation may have more roles involved or may wish to tailor the role names more specifically.

With customisable roles built into out workflow designer its simple to control who will play a part in and see the information at each different step.

Once your plan has been established you can now create your quality sampling workflow template.

You could design your template using traditional methods, but we recommend using a software like Jomo247 that will allow you to automate all your processes and eliminate messy paper trails.

Once you have created your quality sampling workflow you can now implement the process.

Remember it is crucial to monitor the performance of your new processes in case improvements may be required.

Continual process improvement is important to ensure your organisation achieves compliance and your daily operations are running as efficiently as they can be.

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