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What is a PAT Testing Template and Why is it Important?

A PAT testing template outlines the steps required when inspecting portable electronics to ensure they are in correct working order.

A PAT testing template workflow should be carried out at regular intervals to ensure all portable electronic assets are operating correctly. Having a standardised PAT testing template is crucial as it will ensure that all assets are inspected to the same degree.

It is important to have a clear PAT testing template implemented to ensure safety in the workplace. It can help prevent injury due to faulty electronics, reduce the risk of substantial damage to your assets and minimises the chance of electrical fires breaking out.

How to Create Your own PAT Testing Template

Before you begin planning your PAT testing template, you need to identify the outcomes you are wanting to generate with this process.

In the case of a PAT testing template, the aim is to effectively inspect portable electronic assets, ensure they are in working order and repair or replace them if not.

To understand how your workflow will run you need to first identify your start and endpoints.

In our template which can be downloaded below for free, we begin with the identification of assets for testing and end with recording the result of the test.

Now you can continue outlining the remaining steps that need to be accomplished before the workflow can be pushed through from start to finish.

Consider the different steps an asset needs to go through so that it can be correctly tested and repaired or replaced if faulty.

Now you need to establish which individuals will be involved in the PAT testing template. Think about the specific employees involved, their duties and what they will need to effectively perform the task at hand.

Based on these considerations you can then determine the specific roles that will have responsibility on each individual step of your PAT testing template and establish accountability.

Remember a variety of roles could be involved in one specific step. Alternatively, a single role could play a part on lots of different steps.

Our template below uses very generic roles like ‘IT Repairs’ or ‘IT Inspector’. However, you may wish to tailor these roles more specifically to your organisation.

With Jomo247 you can create fully customisable roles in our workflow template designer and select which specific steps they correspond to giving you greater control over the security of your processes.

Once you have established your PAT testing process you can now create the template.

You could use traditional methods to design your workflow template. Alternatively, we recommend using a digital workflow designer like Jomo246 which can help automate your processes in a singular centralised location.

Once the PAT inspection template has been created you can now implement it in real time. Be sure to monitor the progress of your new workflow in case alternations need to be applied.

Continual improvement of your workflows is essential to achieving compliance and ensuring your operations are running as effectively as possible.

Our PAT testing template PDF is available to download below, or alternatively you can sign up to Jomo247 today to design your own interactive and automated workflows.


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