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We are excited to announce that our new Mentoring Platform on has launched, and we are one step closer towards our goal. Our mission is to make effective quality management achievable for any business. We have been getting a lot of interest from mentors and clients alike, so we wanted to do a quick blog answering some of your frequently asked questions.

What is Jomo247?

Jomo247 is our secure online solution for Quality Management Systems, whether you want to use it for your own business or share it with your clients. It uses simple steps to produce powerful results – we’re really proud of it! You can find out all about it here or watch our intro video below.

Why have you started a Mentoring Platform?

We know how daunting it can be for businesses to set up and maintain quality management systems, and especially how hard it can be to find advice you can trust. We’re also aware that lots of businesses have had to make a lot of rapid and unexpected changes to their QMS recently. Because of this, we wanted to design a space whose purpose is to bring the experts and clients together. On our mentoring platform, clients can find advice and network more easily, and our experts have access to a global platform for to discuss the latest topics, share best practises, and plan for the future of quality and business management.

How does the platform work?

Our platform is the equivalent of a high street for quality experts, where new clients can chat to mentors, ask for advice, and shop around to find the best person to suit them. Clients and mentors can communicate with each other safely and securely, facilitate discussions, and perform remote auditing and other virtual services. Users can also engage with our range of topical articles about the latest in quality management.

Do I need to use Jomo247 software to access the mentorship platform?

We want to encourage communication in the quality industry, so our mentoring platform is available to everyone – there is no need to use our software, and we don’t expect our mentors to endorse it.

That being said, we think that if you have or need a QMS, you’ll want to use it! It’s free to access (and super timesaving) for mentors, and there will always be a free version to try for clients too. Furthermore, to help during the pandemic we have made our beta version free to use for all. So, what is there to lose?

How do I communicate with your mentors?

You can chat with any of our mentors or other clients by registering on our support site here. Once you have signed up, you can privately message them via their profile or comment publicly on their articles.

Why should I become a mentor?

If you are an expert in the quality management industry becoming a mentor has many benefits.

Mentor rewards include:

  • – Free access to a global market to grow your business and network.
  • – Peer support and topical discussion.
  • – Free marketing opportunities.
  • – Safe and secure messaging with your customers.
  • – Free access to our innovative Jomo247 QMS software.

All we ask of our mentors is that they respond to enquiries from businesses on the forum within 5 days in 80% of cases, and produce one article for publication per quarter.

How do I become a mentor?

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, email to register your interest.


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