Marketing Manager Mentor Spotlight: Jasmine Heaton

A Q & A with our New Mentor Jasmine Heaton

We are excited to introduce a new marketing mentor on, Jasmine Heaton. Jasmine is a freelance Marketing Manager, experienced in all avenues of digital marketing such as social media management, basic SEO, copywriting, and email marketing as well as more traditional media such as print. Read on to find out more about Jasmine and her work in marketing, or visit her profile and contact her in her capacity as our newest marketing mentor here.

How did you get involved in marketing and become a freelance marketing manager? 

I first started working in marketing by accident, at a charity who didn’t have many staff. I was the finance assistant, but I got delegated marketing tasks. They found that I was naturally very good at them, and I really enjoyed working towards a goal as opposed to just completing payroll every month. 

At my first marketing job I was well known for having wacky and very out-there ideas, but they worked! The creativity in the job is something that I massively enjoy, as well as the satisfaction you get from breaking into a market that once seemed like a fortress. 

In 2019, I set up my own business Socia Sheffield and started working as a freelance marketing manager. I have learnt so much from working with different businesses who all have different needs.

What are your specialisms? 

I specialise in working with start-ups, charities, and small businesses. I am used to working with little or no marketing budget aside from my fees, and the ethos of my business is to provide quality marketing to businesses who need it, but think they can’t afford it. 

The experience I have includes social media management, basic SEO and web design, copywriting, blogging, email marketing, and physical print campaigns.

Since working as a freelancer I have worked within a range of industries – from a sofa retail chain to an independent crystals shop to a local magazine. Currently, I have fallen into working as a Marketing Manager for medical software companies. 

What is your favourite thing about your job as a marketing manager? 

Definitely the feeling when I have reached a series of goals earlier than the projected end-date. I also get a lot of satisfaction from positive client feedback, and from learning new topics that will help me get the best results from my clients.

What does a typical day of work look like for you?

Normally, I start my day by checking emails. I have a lot of meetings with my clients as I like to ensure we are working together as best we can, and to ensure communication between us is as up-to-date as possible.

What interests you about becoming a marketing mentor? 

I am excited to be able to help new potential clients, and to share my knowledge within jargon-free blog posts. Marketing is something every business needs, and every business should be able to afford. Providing free content is something I am passionate about, as I believe it can help even the most cash-strapped businesses and start-ups to get customers and clients in the door.

What do you think the next big thing will be in marketing?

There has been a big push towards automation in the past 5 years or so, and I think that will only increase. A focus on customer journeys to nurture and convert will continue, but there is a staggering amount of software available with user friendly interfaces which now provides automated marketing for people who might otherwise not have the funds or time to carry out campaigns using a hands-on approach. 

If you are interested in having a chat, please contact me via my profile here.


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