Jomo247 Tutorials: Searching & Exporting Form Data

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Jomo247 Tutorials: Searching & Exporting Form Data

This quick tutorial will walk you through Searching & Exporting Form Data on Jomo247. For more of our simple QMS software tutorials click HERE.


Hi everyone, this tutorial will be walking you through searching and exporting form data on Jomo247.

Firstly, we’ll need to access the specific activity associated with the task and form data we want to export.

Once we have entered the activity we can simply export form data from all the tasks within or we can search for and export data from specific forms.

To access these search capabilities we need to select the blue down arrow button here and dropdown will then appear giving us more specific search requirements.

To search within a form, we can either specify whether we want to return a specific form from the data entered into a field value and/or field label. A field value is data entered into the form by the end user and the field label is determined by the creator of the form in the form designer.

With the field value we can search for both text and date data. To change what we are searching for we can hover over the arrow and a dropdown will appear with both options. If we select date, when clicking the box a date picker will appear that we can chose the date from.

We only want to export data from all these incident report forms that have been categorised as critical. So we need to enter the word critical into the field value search bar.

Once we are happy we can select the search button and we can see all the forms categorised as critical. Now we have the specific data we want we can export it by select the export current tasks button.

A popup will appear and if we select the download button another popup will appear asking if we want to open or save our csv file. Let’s select save as and save the file to our desktop before opening.

We need to make sure we give it a new name that is relevant to the data we are downloading!

Now we can open our csv. file and here we can see all the data we put into the form.

And that has been our easy guide to searching and exporting data from a form. Thanks for watching!

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