Jomo247 Tutorials: Search, View & Download Documents

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This quick tutorial will walk you through Searching, Viewing and Downloading on Jomo247. For more of our simple QMS software tutorials click HERE.


Hi everyone, this tutorial will show you how to search for, view and download documents on Jomo247.

To begin we need to be on our My Documents page. Once here we can see all of our documents that are within tasks with the to-do status.

We can see the search bar here that allows us to search by name and task status but if we click this blue dropdown arrow more search options will appear.

To search by the name of the document we can simply type it in this search bar and then hit the search button and as we can see the document will appear. If we want to search the name of another document or search using a new field or fields we need to make sure we are clearing the search setting using the clear button before every new search we make.

We are also able to search by the status of the document. As we can see at the moment we are viewing documents that are within tasks that are to do. If we want to view documents within tasks that are active or have been completed or closed we can select this dropdown arrow. We can then select which status we want to view documents from and then we can hit the search button to view.

We are also able to search a date range that documents were created within and finally, we can search by tags.

To preview a document we can simply select the orange magnifying glass button. Most file types will be able to generate a PDF for preview.

However, certain file types such as emails cannot be previewed as a PDF and must be downloaded to view. To download a document you can simply select it, a popup will appear and you can save it to your desktop.

And that has been our simple guide to searching and viewing documents on Jomo247. Thanks for watching!

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