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This quick tutorial will walk you through Uploading, Tagging & Previewing on Jomo247. For more of our simple QMS software tutorials click HERE.


Hello everyone, this quick tutorial will show you how to action and assign tasks on Jomo247.

To action a process and pass it along to the next step we need to come to the action field. Sometimes a step may have multiple actions that may be taken, so we should always select the dropdown arrow to double check which options are available to us.

Once we have completed the required action we can go ahead and select the blue confirm button here and this will move the process on to the next step as we can see here. If we want to action a process but also assign the next step to a specific group or person, we can use the assign to feature.

As we can see at the moment, the next step of the process is assigned to and can be completed by Anyone that has been invited to the activity. You may only assign a task to a user or group if you also have a role on the next step.

If we want to assign the task to a specific individual, we can click user.  A dropdown menu will appear, and we will be able to select the name of the user we want to assign the task to.

Or we can assign tasks to any groups that we have created or other public groups on the hub by ticking the groups box. Again, we will be able to use the dropdown menu to select the group you want to assign the next step of the task to.

Once we are happy with our selection we can hit confirm and the task has now been actioned and the next step assigned.

If you need to reassign a step of a task to someone else without actioning the process you can do so using the edit task feature.
Select the edit button to the left of the task, a popup will appear and here at the bottom we can see the Assigned to field.

We can choose to reassign either by user or group.
Once we are happy, we can select the OK button, the popup will close, and the task is reassigned.

And that has been our super quick guide to actioning and assigning tasks on Jomo247. Thanks for watching!

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Take a look at our compliance management software and start preparing for your next audit today

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