Jomo247 Software Tutorials: Inviting Users to an Activity

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Table of Contents

This quick tutorial will walk you through Inviting Users to an Activity on Jomo247. For more of our simple QMS software tutorials click HERE.


Hi everyone, this video will show you how to invite new users to an activity and set their roles and permissions on Jomo247. 

To start we need to click the green user’s button to the left-hand side of the activity we wish to invite users to. Once selected a popup will appear. When adding users to activities we have three options.

We can either add individual users by their email address, by the groups of users that we have created or by an instance of another activity that includes all the same users you want to add. These last two options are useful as it means we do not have to manually add each individual person by their email. 

Once users have been added to the activity, we are then reminded to set their permissions and roles. At the top we have permissions where we can give users the capability to invite other users, upload documents, administer within the activity, set the priority of a task, and download documents. 

Underneath this we have the roles for each step of the process flow that users can be assigned to ensure they are only seeing and doing the work that applies to them.

Once we are happy, we can select OK, and the user will now be updated. 

And that has been our simple tutorial on inviting users to an activity and setting their roles and permissions on Jomo247, thanks for watching.

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