Jomo247 Software Tutorials: Creating a New Task

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This simple tutorial will guide you through Creating a Task on Jomo247. For more of our simple compliance software tutorials click HERE.


Hello everyone, this quick tutorial will show you how to create a new task on Jomo247. To create a new task, we firstly need to make sure we are within the relevant activity.

Now we can select the ‘New Task’ button to the left-hand side of the page. This opens a drop-down menu with a number of fields we need to complete to define our task.

Firstly, we’ll want to give our task a name.

Next, we can set time constraints on the task to ensure it is completed when it needs to be. We have the option to change the start date of the task and the end date by which the task should be completed.

Following on with have the option to add some more description about the task. This field is optional but can be useful if the task requires some extra instruction.

Then we can set the priority of the task this again is optional. To set the priority we need to check this little box and then we can enter a number between 1 being the highest priority and 999999 the lowest.

Next, we have the Initial action field- if we click the arrow, it will let us choose from the dropdown which step to start the process from. If we select pause it will start the process after the first action and if we select none it will begin from the first step of the process.

Finally, we can upload documents to complement the task. To upload a document, we can click select files and choose the appropriate ones for upload.
Jomo247 accepts a wide variety of file types for upload uploaded such as pdfs, excel spreadsheets, emails, photos, and videos.

Once we are happy, we can click the create button and as we can see our new task has now appeared and is ready to be completed.

And there you have it, our simple tutorial on creating a new task. Thanks for watching!

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