Jomo247 Software Tutorials: Creating a New Activity

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Hi everyone. This video will be walking you through creating and tagging a new activity on Jomo247.

Firstly, we need to begin in the folder where we want to create our new activity.

Once we are happy with our selection, we can select the blue ‘New Activity’ button here above our folder display.

Once selected a dropdown menu should then appear, with different options for defining our new activity.

Firstly, we’ll want to give our activity a relevant name.

Here we have the location which shows us the folder in which the new activity will be located once created.

Next, we must choose which specific process our activity will follow.

If we click ‘Select Activity’ a popup box will appear displaying all the process flow templates we have created in the activity designer and published.

Once we have chosen the appropriate process, we can click the ‘OK’ button.

Lastly, we can select an image to give to our activity. We can either keep the default image or upload our own by clicking ‘Select Files’.

Once we have completed these fields and are happy, we can click the blue ‘Create’ button.

And as we can see our new activity has now been created and is ready for use.

To tag an activity and make it easier to search for we need to select the grey ellipsis button which will cause more options to appear.

We need to select the orange tags button which will open a popup. We can then enter any tags we want, making sure to put a comma between each tag we want to keep separate.

Once we are happy, we can hit the enter button and our activity will now be tagged.


And there you have it, a quick and simple tutorial on creating a new activity. Thanks for watching!

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