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Hi everyone, this tutorial will show you how to upload and tag new documents on Jomo247. 

We need to start within the task where we want to upload our new document. If we scroll down towards the bottom of the page we have this ‘Add Document’ button. If we select this button a drop down menu will then appear.

To upload a document, we need to click select files and this will open our pc’s file explorer. From here we can select which document or documents we wish to upload.

Jomo247 allows you to upload more than one document at a time and in a variety of formats such as, jpegs, pdfs and mp4s.  Once selected we can click Open and the document is now being uploaded.  

If the wrong document has been accidentally uploaded added, can click this red X to easily delete it.

Next we are able to add some more description about the file we are uploading but this step is completely optional. However, it can be useful if you want to add some extra information about the document.  

Once we are happy, we can select the Add files now button to upload. 

And as we can see our new document has now been added to the task and is now ready to be tagged. The tagging feature is one of our most powerful tools and makes locating and organising documents easier than ever before. 

To tag our document we need to select this orange ‘Tags’ button to the right hand side.  If we select this button a popup will appear. 

Now we can enter our desired tags these can be used for a variety of purposes such as, tagging your documents against ISO Standards or tagging the specific documents required for an audit. 

When entering your tags make sure to put a comma between the tags you want to keep separate. 

Once we are happy with our tags we can hit enter and we can see those have now been added to the document. To exit the popup, we can click this X button and we are taken back to the task page. 

And there we have it, our super quick guide to uploading and tagging documents on Jomo247. Thanks for watching! 

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