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Our quick guide to versioning documents on Jomo247.

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This quick tutorial will guide you through Versioning Documents on Jomo247. For more of our simple QMS software software tutorials click HERE.


Hi everyone, this tutorial will show you how versioning documents work on Jomo247.

To upload a new version of our document we need to start by selecting the blue ‘Add Documents’ button. A drop down will then appear.
We then need to click ‘select files’ to open our file explorer. Make sure that the document you want to version has the exact same name as the pre-existing version on Jomo247. Once selected click Open and the file has now uploaded.

We are able to give the new document a different description to the pre-existing version which can be helpful when differentiating the versions or highlighting any new information that the updated version might provide. Once we’re happy we can select the ‘add files now’ button. To the right hand side we can see a blue versions button has appeared. If we select this we are taken to a new page where we can see all of the different versions of the document. The oldest version of the document will be at the bottom and the newest version at the top.

We are also able to give different versions separate tags- this can be helpful if ISO standards have updated or if the documents are needed for different audits.

This has been our quick guide on versioning documents on jomo247. Thank you for watching!

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Our quick guide to versioning documents on Jomo247.

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