Jomo247 QMS Software Tutorials: Editing a Task

Our quick guide to editing a task on Jomo247.

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This simple tutorial will guide you through Editing a Task on Jomo247. For more of our simple QMS software tutorials click HERE.


Hello everyone. This tutorial will walk you through editing a pre-existing task on Jomo247.
To begin, we need to click the edit icon to the left had side of the page. A popup will then appear with all the fields that we are able to edit.

Firstly we are able to change the name of the task.
We can then change the start date and end date that the task is due by.
We can also change the description of the task. This can be useful to give updates on how the task is progressing.
Next, we are able to change the priority of the task or remove the priority setting altogether by unchecking this little grey box.
Finally, we are able to change who the task is assigned to. We can either keep it assigned to anyone invited to the activity, or we can choose a specific user or group we have created to assign the task to.

Once we are happy with our alterations we can select ‘OK’ and as we can see the task has now been updated.
And there we have it a simple tutorial on editing a pre-existing task on Jomo247. Thank you for watching!

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Our quick guide to editing a task on Jomo247.

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