Jomo247 QMS Software Tutorials: Copy Content Between Hubs

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This quick tutorial will walk you through Copying Content Between Hubs on Jomo247. For more of our simple QMS software tutorials click HERE.


Hello everyone, this quick tutorial will be walking you through copying content over to a new hub on Jomo247.


To begin we need to hover over our name here at the top right hand side of the page. A drop down menu will then appear. We want to select the “Manage Hubs” option.


We are then taken to the My Hubs page, to the left hand side we can see all the different hubs we are in. We need to select the hub that we want to copy content from. Once we have selected the hub, we can then click the blue copy content button.


A popup will then appear welcoming us to the hub content copy wizard. We can then select the Next button.


Firstly we need to choose whether we would like to copy a Folder with all of its subitems or a specific Activity with all of its active Tasks. We’re going to copy an activity with all its active tasks for this example


Next we can toggle if we want our copied over tasks to either remain at their current step or begin from the starting step of their process.


We can then scroll down and select the folder the activity we want to copy is located in. We can choose multiple activities to copy over at once by clicking the checkbox next to the names of each activity or we can check the select all button. We are just going to copy over one activity.


Once we have selected our chosen activity we can hit the Next button. Now we can select which hub we want to copy the content over to by checking the empty circle next to the name of the hub. Once selected we can then choose which folder from the new hub we want to copy the activity over to. Then we can press next.


The hub content copy wizard will then double check that we are happy with our selections once we have confirmed we can hit the submit button.


Once the copying process is complete we will see this Copy Complete message and can now click the close button.


If we switch hubs we can now see the new activity has been copied over successfully to our chosen hub. We are now the admin of this activity and can choose who will be involved within this process on our new hub.


And that has been our quick tutorial on copying content between hubs on Jomo247, thanks for watching


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