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Our quick guide to adding, editing and deleting comments on Jomo247.

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This simple tutorial will show you how to add, edit and delete comments within a task on Jomo247. For more of our simple QMS software tutorials click HERE.



Hi everyone. This video will be discussing how the comments section within tasks on Jomo247 work. The comments section is useful as it allows your employees to discuss how the task at hand is progressing.

To add a comment we need to select the ‘Add Comment’ button here. We can then type our comment in the comment box. Once we are happy with our comment, we can select the ‘Confirm’ button and as we can see our comment has now appeared. Any comments made by us will be shown on the right hand side in green and comments made by others will appear on the left hand side in grey. Above the comment we can see when it was made and who it is by.

If we need to edit our comment for any reason we can select the comment and then click the ‘Edit Comment’ button. Here we can make any required revisions. Once we are happy we can select confirm.

If we need to delete our comment we can again select the comment and click the ‘Delete Comment’ button and then hit ‘Confirm’ and as we can see the comment has now been removed.

And there you have it a simple tutorial on the task comment section on Jomo247. Thanks for watching!

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Our quick guide to adding, editing and deleting comments on Jomo247.

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