Jomo247 QMS Software Tutorials: Auditing and Reporting

QMS software tutorials Auditing and Reporting Tutorial
Our quick guide to auditing and reporting on Jomo247.

This short tutorial will walk you through using the auditing and reporting features on Jomo247. For more of our simple QMS software tutorials click HERE.



Hi everyone this video will be walking you through the auditing and reporting features on Jomo247.
Let’s begin with the dashboard page, which is one of the primary areas for reporting. The boxes at the top of the page show us how many activities we are in, how many tasks we have to do, whether we have any late tasks or if any of our tasks are due.

Next we have the activities section of the dashboard. Here we have bar graphs which show us how many tasks are within an activity and which step of the activity process they are on.
Following on we have the tasks section which shows any tasks that we currently have to do and which step of the activity process they are on.

Lastly we have a documents section, where we can see any documents that have been recently uploaded to our hub.
If we want to look at more information about a specific activity we can use these buttons to the right hand side of the activity we are interested in.

If we select the analytics button we are given 2 different bar graph charts. The first one at the top shows us which step of the process the tasks within our activity are on. The second bar graph shows us how long it has taken between the actioning of each step. And if we click the flowchart button, we are able to see a picture of the process flowchart that our activity is following.

To look at in-depth reporting of our hub we can either use the timeline reporting feature which provides us within information on everything that has happened within our hub. For example, we can see who has logged in and when and what actions or changes they have made to the hub.
Or we have the audit feature which has been specifically designed to help make auditing easier and more efficient. Here we are able to filter by each different activity to see all the actions and changes that have been made within that specific one.

And there we have it a brief overview of the reporting and auditing features on Jomo247. Thanks for watching!


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