Jomo247 QMS Software Tutorials: Adding Members to Groups

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This quick tutorial will guide you through adding new members to the groups you have created on Jomo247. For more of our simple QMS software tutorials click HERE.


Hi everyone, this quick guide will show you how to add members to the groups you have created on Jomo247.

So, we need to start on our Groups page. Here we can see our group we have created. We need to select the ‘Members’ button on the right hand side of the page. Once selected a popup will appear.

Members must be added to the group by their email address. Once we have entered their email address we can click the ‘Add Member’ button. A popup will appear informing us that the new member has been added successfully. If we select ‘OK’ the popup will close and we can now see their email has appeared on the members list. We can complete this process as many times as we need to until our group is complete.

To change the permissions of a user we can select their email address. We are then able to remove the member, make the member an admin or remove them as an admin by selecting from the buttons here.
Once we have changed a user to an admin we receive this message to tell us their role has been updated.

Once we are happy and have added everyone we need to our group we can then click the ‘X’ button over on the right side of the page. Our group is now ready to be assigned to tasks and activities.

And that has been our simple tutorial on adding new members to groups on jomo247. Thanks for watching!

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