Jomo247 QMS Software Tutorials: Publish an Activity Template

Our quick guide to publishing an activity template on Jomo247.

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This short tutorial will show guide you through Publishing an Activity Template on Jomo247. For more of our simple QMS software tutorials click HERE.


Hi everyone this video tutorial will show you how to publish your activity process templates created in the activity designer on Jomo247.
Let’s get started.

We need to be in our activity template manager to access the template we have created.
Let’s select the template we want to publish. As you can see once we have clicked on the chosen template a number of button options will appear.

When publishing we can either select ‘Publish Public’. This means everyone on the hub will be able to use and edit a copy of this template. Or we can ‘Publish Private’ which means only we can use and edit a copy of this template.
When we select a publish option this message appears informing us that once published the original template cannot be edited. However, we are able to edit copies of published original templates.
Select ‘OK’ on the message and our activity will now be published!

And there we have it our super quick tutorial on publishing an activity template on Jomo247. Thank you for watching!

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Our quick guide to publishing an activity template on Jomo247.

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