Jomo247 QMS Software Tutorials: Edit & Close Activities

Our quick guide to editing and closing an activity on Jomo247.

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This quick tutorial will walk you through Editing and Closing an Activity on Jomo247. For more of our simple QMS software tutorials click HERE.



Hi everyone this quick video will be showing you how to edit and close activities on Jomo247.

To edit an activity we can select the edit icon to the left hand side of the activity photo. Once selected a popup will appear. As we can see we are able to change the name of the activity and the image of the activity by uploading a new photo file. Once we are happy with our changes we can select OK and as we can see the activity has now been edited.

If we wish to close an activity we can again click the edit icon over here. Again the popup will appear. To close an activity we need to check the empty box next to closed at the bottom here. We are then able to add some information about why we are closing the activity. Perhaps the way a process runs has become obsolete.
Once we are happy we can select ok and the activity will now be closed.

And there we have it our easy tutorial on editing and closing activities on jomo247, thanks for watching!

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Our quick guide to editing and closing an activity on Jomo247.

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