Jomo247 Product Support Associate: Erin Irons

A Q & A with our New Mentor Erin Irons

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We are excited to introduce a new Product Support Associate for Jomo247’s QMS software. Erin Irons, our newest staff member, is a History Graduate from the University of Sheffield.

Erin’s role is new and exciting for everyone at Jomo247, for both colleagues and customers. She is taking on customer support, template building, and professional services to upload new clients onto the software.


What does your role consist of?

My role is very customer facing and consists of making lots of quality content for pre-existing and prospective customers. I create blog posts for our website and software training videos for our YouTube to help make using Jomo247 straightforward for all our customers.

I’ve also recently been working on creating Process Flow Templates on Jomo247 for typical processes that all companies use such as, internal audits, CAPA’s and employee training that can all be customised to fit the specific requirements of our customers.

I also work closely with customers during their implementation on Jomo247 helping to organise their system and upload and tag all their documentation against the ISO standards they work to comply with. I also help support existing customers, maintain their systems, and collect their feedback to help improve the software.


What do you think is different about Jomo247’s QMS software?

I think what stands out about Jomo247 is our commitment to helping make ISO compliance and daily task management accessible for all businesses whether big or small. I think we also don’t limit our customers with modules meaning our customers are able to create and maintain a QMS that is completely tailored to their unique requirements.

Our tagging feature definitely separates us from the rest of the market. The tagging feature allows our customers to reference their documentation against ISO standards and other terms relevant to their organisation and makes searching for and locating the appropriate documentation so quick and easy.

I also think being able to control permissions for each individual step of your processes on Jomo247 is also an innovative feature and makes security and protecting confidential information a breeze for our customers. 

Our pay per action not user plan also makes us different from other software and makes connecting with your suppliers and clients even easier than before. 


How has your previous experience prepared you for this role?

I have been working in customer facing jobs since the age of 17 so I have lots of experience working closely with customers to ensure they get the best service whether it be tailoring their Bloody Mary’s at the pub or designing unique cheeseboards on the deli counter. 

My degree has given me invaluable research skills that have helped me significantly in creating quality content for both our blog and the software. 


How are you going to use your role to bring success to our new QMS software?

I will use my role to work closely with customers, understand their requirements and relay these to Team Jomo247 to ensure that the software is developed in a direction that benefits all customers and will make business management and ISO compliance a breeze for all of our customers. 


Where do you think Jomo247 will be in a year’s time?

I think Jomo247 will offer even more innovative features that will help optimise building and maintaining a QMS and daily task management for our customers. 

I am very excited for our upcoming developments which I think will make task management and evidencing compliance even easier for our customers.


What will working at Jomo247 bring to your career?

Working at Jomo247 has already taught me so many new and invaluable skills. It has been so interesting to see how the software development process works and ultimately seeing how customer requirements come to life. 

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