Jomo247 Product Owner Mentor Spotlight: Alyssa Parr

A Q & A with our New Mentor Alyssa Parr

How did you get involved in Jomo247?

Before joining Jomo247, I worked in the quality department at the head office of a large chain of bakeries.  Whilst working there I experienced first-hand the issues that can arise from being a company with growing quality system needs hindered by a strict budget. I tried to overcome these issues by using existing programmes like Excel or Visual Basic to manage our processes, but nothing really satisfied our requirements.

When I was approached by Jomo247 I was really excited about the software and what it could provide for businesses and knew I had to get involved. I came onboard wanting to help further develop the software and to help customers who were facing similar difficulties to myself. I have found that my experienced background in quality has enabled me to offer informed advice when helping set up customers on Jomo247 and with ideas for the development of the software.

What do you consider as your strengths in supporting customers with Jomo247?

I think my biggest strength is my ability to take a holistic approach when looking at quality systems. I work closely with my clients to create a system that fulfils their specific needs rather than dictate. I am good at stepping back and considering the bigger picture. For instance, if a customer already has a system in place, I can point out where the biggest gaps are and how to rectify this. If customers are yet to implement a system, I can look at how best that can be achieved to suit their specific needs.

What does a typical day of work look like for you?

A typical day for me is very varied which I enjoy! I could be meeting with the development team to discuss the future direction of the product and new features we want to develop for the software. I meet with clients to discuss and resolve any issues or queries they may have. I work closely with our mentors helping to facilitate their onboarding to the project or helping them to produce relevant content for our clients. I am currently focusing on creating some new training materials for Jomo247.

What is your favourite thing about Jomo247?

I particularly like Jomo247’s innovative approach to quality management. I think the ability to specifically tailor quality systems from each client to meet their needs offers a great level of flexibility for companies of all sizes. As someone with a background in quality, who wants to help improve businesses, I like that it makes managing documentation more accessible for all employees and less of a box ticking exercise.

If I had to pick a favourite though, it would be the tagging feature. It is such a simple concept but has a wide-ranging use of applications. For example, it can help businesses that might have employees that use a variety of languages or those that are working with a range of ISO standards.

What interests you about becoming a mentor on Jomo247’s support site?

I am looking forward to producing content specific to how Jomo247 can help implement and maintain quality management systems and linking it with articles that the other mentors are producing. I am also excited to get involved in professional discourse and hope to learn lots of new things about the industry from the knowledgeable team of experts we are building.

What do you think will be the next big thing for quality management?

I think people are now starting to understand the difference technology can really make to maintaining quality systems and increasing productivity, especially through software like Jomo247. I think these will be integral to the future development of businesses and help improve their efficiency by enabling different departments to work together and most importantly move away from wasting precious time searching through messy email chains!


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