ISO 9001 Auditor Mentor Spotlight: Danko Markovic

A Q & A with our New Mentor Danko Markovic

We are excited to introduce a new quality mentor on, Danko Markovic. Danko is an ISO 9001 auditor, who specialises in the hospitality industry. Read on to find out more about Danko and his work in quality management, or visit his profile and contact him here.

How did you get involved in quality, to progress to being an ISO 9001 auditor? 

I worked as an assistant general manager for an international company in the US who operated in over 200 airports in America, plus more airports in Europe.

They had their own internal auditing, and I was lucky enough to be involved as a silent observer as I was not qualified at that time. I also experienced external auditing during my tenure at that company. 

Being an assistant general manager, I was also involved with top management and saw that the way they set up their business built on following their quality management system to the T. This was how I got interested in quality.

After that, I ran a business which owned a couple of restaurants, who operated under a quality management system despite it not being necessary for certification, as I recognised the benefits of setting up policies, objectives, and procedures in order for the business to function well.

Following this job, Covid allowed me the time I needed to take my course, and I am now an ISO 9001 auditor.

What are your specialisms? 

I have the most experience within the hospitality industry specifically, and any services they provide.

The ultimate goal for any business seeking certification is to provide the best service to the customer, and not just to meet objectives but exceed them. Quality management systems are a tool for any business in this industry, in hotels for example. Most hotels are certified in ISO 9001, because they recognise it as the best tool for them to operate and deliver the best possible service.

What is your favourite thing about quality management systems? 

Continual improvement of businesses gives me satisfaction. Once a QMS is implemented, if it is done right then it will make both the business and their customers happy, which is my ultimate goal in my work.

What does a typical day of work look like for you as a lead ISO 9001 auditor?

I work long days – normally between 10am and 10pm, with a short break for lunch. I start off being on site, meeting with supervisors and team leaders to coordinate them for the day. Then I work on administrative work for an hour, such as technical writing for processes. Following that, I like to walk around the site, and talk to an array of employees to help diagnose any problems, prioritise these issues, and then work to solve them. I also work on any training requirements for employees, and stay in touch with the supervisors to keep communication open.

What interests you about becoming a mentor? 

I think the Jomo 247 software will make my job, and the work of my clients much easier. It will allow them to visualise and track standards easily in preparation for an audit. As an ISO 9001 auditor, it will be easy to use the tagging system to identify the information I need for certification.

The online platform enables everyone in the business to see and access their policies and procedures, which increases the awareness of the quality management system throughout the business.

I can see the Jomo247 QMS software as being a great asset to my work and to my clients in the future, and it making life easier for everybody involved.

What do you think the next big thing will be in quality?

From what I have been reading, as well as trends in EU policy, I think the newest thing in quality is that companies are becoming more aware of the environment in which people are working. More emphasis is now being given to the wellbeing of employees themselves, as well as their working environment.


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