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Going digital with your Quality Management System in the past may have seemed a daunting and overcomplicated task, which did not always provide clear benefits for your business. However, with modern online systems like Jomo247, the change-over cannot only be simple, but can significantly reduce the admin burden and stress of compliance for your team.

What is a digital Quality Management System?

A digital Quality Management System such as Jomo247 is a system that controls quality in your business without physical paperwork. This can range from a system which stores your company documentation, to a full QMS system where you can assign work, check progress, add evidence, and  reference everything against the standards you choose, such as can be created on Jomo247. At a minimum, all businesses have legal requirements they must follow (such as health and safety and emergency procedures) and they must evidence compliance with these requirements.  Having robust quality processes in place is also a fantastic way to maintain confidence in and attract new customers to your business.


Keeping company documents organised need not be a hassle

Jomo247 lets you tag your documents and evidence (e.g. photos, checklists) with as many references as you choose, so they are easy for your team to find and collaborate on. For example, you could tag your Health & Safety Policy as “H&S”, “Policy”, “Important”, “ISO45001.4.1”, “Claire”, “For Review” – whatever works for you.

The best thing about it is how simple it is. We decided to start with our documentation and build from there. But unlike other systems on the market, there are no bolt-ons to pay for or retrain my team on – when we want to move our quality checks over, the process will be exactly the same – Andrew Mitchell, First Fence

How will a digital QMS benefit my business?

There are so many advantages to going digital that we can only begin to touch on them here. Firstly, with a system like Jomo247, you know that your evidence is safely stored on the cloud as soon as it has been gathered – so there is no more worrying about lost paperwork when that all-important audit comes around. Secondly, with everything available on the cloud, your team find it straight forward to evidence their work and to ask for help when they need it. Collaborating and passing work on to the right team member is much easier with systems which have built in chat functions like Jomo247.  With chat that is linked to individual tasks, your team do not get side-tracked and are also more informed. Online systems like this make it easy for your team to communicate and quickly adapt to changes, especially when you have a multi-site business. When you need to make changes to procedures or policies, you can implement them instantly, knowing your team are not working with out of date documents. There is no paper trail headache, which is great when regulations change. Lastly, having access to all your documents and evidence online with Jomo247 makes it easy to impress new customers and clients.

Free Forever

Take a look at our compliance management software and start preparing for your next audit today

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