Health and Safety Review Template [free download!]


What is a Health And Safety Review Template and Why is it Important?

A health and safety review template details the steps required during a site inspection allowing you to identify any potential hazards and address them as effectively as possible to prevent any future incidents.

Having a standardised health and safety review template that is performed regularly can help reassure your employees that their workplace is hazard free, demonstrating that you care about their safety and boosting employee confidence in your organisation.

A successful health and safety review template will help in both ensuring and evidencing that your organisation is compliant with H&S regulations and ISO45001.

How to Create your own Health and Safety Review Template

To begin planning your health and safety review template it is imperative you clearly identify the objectives you are aiming to achieve with this process.

For a health and safety review template, your goal is to successfully identify and address any potential hazards during a site inspection to prevent the occurrence of any possible incidents in the future and ensure safety in the workplace.

Now you will want to outline the beginning and endpoints of your workflow. How does your health and safety review go from A to B?

Once these have been determined, you can begin detailing the remaining steps that are required to enable your health and safety review template to move from start to finish.

Consider the different steps your inspection needs to go through to identify any hazards and effectively correct these issues that arise to mitigate any potential risk.

Remember, it is important to determine which steps require conditional logic before you can action them through.

Next you need to establish who will have responsibility in your health and safety review template. Think about the stakeholders involved, their individual duties and the information they will require to effectively fulfil the task.

Remember, a single role may have responsibility on many different steps. Additionally, many roles may have responsibilities on a singular step.

In our free health and safety review template which you can download below, we use generic roles such as ‘Implementor’ or ‘Inspector’. However, your organisation may want to use roles that are more specifically tailored to your organisation.

Now a clear plan has been established you can now create your health and safety review template.

Cloud-Based Health and Safety Management Software

You could create an image of your template using traditional methods. However, we recommend using a software with a digital workflow builder, like Jomo247, that can automate your processes.

Jomo247 is an ideal solution for your cloud-based health and safety management software. Our workflow template builder incorporates configurable roles into our designer meaning it is even easier for you to control who is involved at each specific step of your process.

Once your health and safety review template is finished you can now implement the new process. It’s critical that you monitor the performance of the process in case adjustments are needed.

Continual improvement of your processes is critical to attaining compliance and ensuring your organisation is operating as effectively as possible.

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