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What is an Employee Performance Review Template and why is it Important?

An employee performance review template is a useful tool that enables you to review the overall job performance of your employees effectively and fairly.

The employee performance review template is used in tandem with a performance review meeting which are typically carried out on an annual basis with periodic check-ins throughout the year.

A good employee performance review template will include a section for the review of the employee by their manager but also a section where the employee can conduct their own self-evaluation.

By having a standard employee performance review template in place, it ensures objective reviews across the board for all employees resulting in fair evaluations for promotions, raises, and bonuses.

An effective employee performance review template will also provide employees with useful feedback that will help them further progress in their role and continue working towards improving their overall job performance.

How to create your own Employee Performance Review Template

Your employee performance review template should always start with a section where important details about the specific employee being reviewed can be recorded.

For example, you should include fields for the collection of data regarding the employees name, their job title, the date of the review, who they were reviewed by, and any other information that might be relevant to your organisation.

The employee performance review template should then be split into two separate sections.

  • The first section should include fields that will collect information from the reviewer concerning the job performance of the employee being reviewed.
  • The second section should include fields that will record the self-evaluation of the employee being reviewed.

In our free example that can be downloaded below, we opted to create a table where certain areas of the employee’s performance can be easily and clearly evaluated and ranked.

Our employee performance review template example covers very broad areas of performance to be evaluated such as an employee’s quality of work, their work consistency, and their productivity.

However, your organisation may wish to measure performance in areas that are more tailored to an employee’s specific role within your organisation.

When creating your own employee performance review template, you should consider whether you want to collect purely quantitative data, qualitative data, or a mix of the two.

We recommend using a mix of the two like we have done in our example as it allows you to both easily measure and compare areas of performance whilst also obtaining more detailed information about the employee’s individual successes and failings.

For the collection of quantitative data, think about what questions you could ask in your employee performance review template that will ensure you collect the most useful and effective feedback for the review of the employee.

For example, we have included questions like ‘Which areas does the employee need development?’ that will ensure the most appropriate actions for improvement will be designed to aid that specific employee.

It is also useful to include a field in your employee performance review template to record whether the employee requires any additional training to help them improve their performance.

This ensures accountability on behalf of the reviewer in making sure the appropriate resources and time are allocated to this.

For employee self-evaluation section, our example opts to collect qualitative data only, but your organisation may also wish to collect quantitative data.

We included fields in our employee performance review template such as ‘What has been your greatest achievement in this role?’ for the employee themselves to fill out.

By giving the employee a chance to voice their own opinions, it makes them feel that their experiences are valued within the organisation, which encourages greater engagement and productivity.

You should make sure to leave a field for the collection of any additional comments the employee may wish to raise that may not have already been addressed by the form.

Finally, you should end your employee performance review template with fields for the collection of both the employee being reviewed and the reviewer’s signatures to ensure both traceability and accountability.

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