Help – I Don’t Have Enough Time For All My QMS Clients!

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Have you ever hit a wall with your business and felt like you have too many clients and not enough hours in your day?

There’s that old saying that says “work smarter, not harder”, and this is something we can help with.

Here at Jomo247, we understand that business management consulting can be demanding.

We have created a solution that will optimise workload with your existing clients. You will also get the bandwidth to take on more clients, or even spend more time at home!

With Jomo247’s QMS software, you can earn more with no added stress, or decline in service quality.

How Jomo247 can help your management consulting business

Jomo247 is new and we have designed it to help users manage their processes, products, and operations. It will make running your management consulting business a breeze.

Jomo247 is a cloud-based solution, meaning you can access all your clients’ information from the comfort of your home. Your clients will also be able efficiently liase across sites and with home-workers.

You will not have to spend as much time and money travelling to and from your clients. Let Jomo247’s QMS software free up your day to focus on the important stuff.

We have chosen to store Jomo247’s data on the AWS cloud to guarantee that all your clients’ confidential information is secure.

With our Version 1.2. Update, getting new or pre-existing clients set up on Jomo247 is even simpler and faster.

Our brand-new Hub Content Copy Wizard allows you to copy over all your business management templates to your new clients accounts. You can also adapt them on the software to suit their unique requirements.

We can also help set up your clients on the software with an implementation package. If you became a mentor, we offer the first client set up for free.

This will help remove admin stress for you, and optimise your  implementation process.

With our software you will spend less time per client enabling you to take on more consulting work.

Once your client is set up, Jomo247 can help automate all their important processes. Reduce your time wasted on administration work, and focus on valuable improvements for your clients.

Not only will Jomo247 make your life easier, it will also help improve your clients daily task management.

Our task management features make it straightforward for employees to follow processes and procedures.

Our QMS software also makes training new clients straightforward, as it will be easy for both your new and pre-existing clients to learn.

If you would rather not spend your time training clients on the software, we also offer this within our professional services.

We also offer an extensive bank of training videos on our website that will walk you through using all different aspects of the software.

QMS consultant mentor platform

We also run a quality mentor platform, which we have designed to help you find and communicate with potential new clients across the globe.

With our time-saving remote software you can take on more of these potential clients than ever before. Gain new clients stress-free and with no detriment to the quality of your services.

If you decide to become a mentor, you will also be eligible for a 20% commission for every client of yours that registers for a paid subscription.


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