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What is a Disciplinary Procedure Template and why is it important?

A disciplinary procedure template details the necessary steps your organisation must take to ensure the fair and lawful discipline of staff who break company rules and regulations.

A robust disciplinary procedure template helps to ensure that employees are aware of and understand what the consequences of their actions will be should they choose to break the rules.

Having a clear and established disciplinary procedure template allows consistency in the treatment of all employees who have broken the rules ensuring your organisation avoids allegations of disparity or unfair dismissal.

How to create your own Disciplinary Procedure Template

When planning your own disciplinary procedure, it is imperative that you clearly identify both the scope and objectives you are aiming to achieve with this process.

For a disciplinary procedure template, the goal is to ensure that all employees experience consistent, fair, and lawful discipline if they break any company rules or regulations.

In our example, we start our disciplinary procedure template with the consideration of whether the offence was illegal and end our template with either the termination of the employee or their return to work.

Now your start and endpoints have been determined, you can begin detailing the remaining steps required to push your process through from beginning to end.

Consider all the disciplinary steps an employee needs to go through before they are potentially terminated from employment, such as written warnings or appeals.

Once all the steps have been established you now want to decide what roles will be included in your disciplinary procedure template and what steps they’ll play a part on.

When creating roles, it’s important to consider which stakeholders will be involved, their duties and what information they will need to fulfil the task.

In our example, we use generic role names such as ‘Head of Department’ or ‘Supervisor’ but you may want to tailor these more specifically to your organisation especially if you have a separate disciplinary board for example.

Now that you have finalised your plan you can create your disciplinary procedure template.

You could create a basic image of your template using traditional methods. However, we recommend using software, like Jomo247 which allows you to design and automate your own unique disciplinary process templates.

Our template designer also allows you to create completely customisable roles that can then be linked to specific steps of the process meaning its even easier for you to control who is involved in your disciplinary procedure template.

Once the template has been completed you can implement your new disciplinary procedure template. It is critical you monitor the performance of your new process in case any adjustments are needed.

Remember continual improvement of your processes is critical to achieving ISO compliance and guarantees that your daily operations are operating as efficiently as possible.

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