Dave Burton: Quality Management Systems Specialist

A Q & A with our New Mentor Dave Burton

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We are excited to introduce a new quality mentor on support.jomo247.com: Quality Management Systems Specialist, Dave Burton.

Dave has over 20 years of experience in quality management, and his company specialises in working with micro and small business owners to sustain growth and development. Read on to find out more about Dave and his work in management systems or visit his profile and contact him here.


How did you get involved in quality management systems?

Well it’s a funny story actually. In 1997, II fell asleep in a meeting and when I woke up I was in charge of quality!

I worked for a railway construction company, and it was new to quality management but required certification because the industry.

It was a new arena for me too, and I really enjoyed it. The best thing was that we were learning as we went along. Every time we had an audit we learnt something new from any findings and non-conformances – and we had a lot of audits from contractors, suppliers, and clients.

Through these we built systems which we could grow from.


What are your specialisms?

I specialise in providing systems for quality, safety, environment, and data. I have also dabbled with others such as translation and medical.

We predominantly work with services, manufacturing, and retail.


What is your favourite thing about quality management systems?

For me, it ticks a lot of boxes for things I am passionate about: organisation, management, helping businesses to grow, and achieving certification.

Organising and managing things for people is what I enjoy. I am also a massive nerd which helps!

I am not a perfectionist, but I enjoy fixing things for people. Going into a business, finding issues, correcting them, and seeing the benefits of these corrections just gives me a great satisfaction with my work.


What does a typical day of work look like for you?

If I am in the office, I tend to come in and deal with emails first. Then I look at any outstanding work on the projects which I currently have on the go.

I will normally work with multiple clients throughout the day to keep busy and get my to-do list done efficiently.

During lunch I like to go out for a walk to get some fresh air and reenergise, and I have a Nintendo 64 in my office if I need to relax and play a bit of Mario Kart!


What interests you about becoming a mentor?

I want to share my knowledge from the experiences I have had. Through the mentor platform on Jomo247 I am hoping to find more people to help and support, and to achieve their goals of certification.


What do you think the next big thing will be in quality management systems?

I think the move to eQMS software such as Jomo247 will only increase. All the audits I have performed in the last 12 months have been remote, and I think the clients not on software are going to struggle.

Many people aren’t keen to go back into the office after learning the benefits of working from home, so I think this trend will only continue to grow.


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