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CytoCentral is now officially consolidated under the Jomo247 brand. We made this decision so we could provide you with a better customer service experience. 

Jomo247 works in the same way and shares the same features as CytoCentral as well as some useful new additions. The only noticeable difference is the language used to define certain properties, such as ‘Samples’ which are now classified as ‘Tasks’.  

With this move we can focus our efforts on further developing and improving Jomo247 to meet all your compliance and cytometry process management needs. 

Get in Touch with Us

If you have any inquiries or need any support please fill out this form and one of our team will be in touch.

Our New Features

Jomo247 is the CytoCentral you remember but with lots of brand new features that help make managing your compliance and cytometry processes even easier.

Use our forms feature to collate or disseminate important information and evidence your compliance and track information about your samples with ease.
Copy Content Wizard
Quickly copy content such as activities, tasks or folders within or between your hubs and manage compliance instantly.
Document Previews
Save time by previewing a wide variety of document types in app, such as Word Docs, Spreadsheets, Pictures and Videos.
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Jomo247 Training Materials

The Jomo247 website has an extensive bank of training videos so for you to learn how to use every software feature independently. Our sales team also offer free software training and support sessions here.


Our Compliance QMS Software

Add your quality procedures and processes and tag them against your standards of choice to make audits quick and easy.