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What is a Customer Onboarding Workflow and why is it Important?

A customer onboarding workflow outlines the specific steps that new customers need to go through to get set up with and start utilising your organisations products and/or services.

An effective customer onboarding workflow helps to streamline the onboarding process making it faster and easier to take on new clientele whilst also reducing the workload on the product manager.

Not only this, but a good customer onboarding workflow will also impress potential new customers and ensure that all new clientele are set up with a consistently positive experience.

How to Create your own Customer Onboarding Workflow

To create your own customer onboarding workflow, you need to start by determining the scope of the process and key outcomes that you want to achieve.

In the case of the customer onboarding workflow, you want to ensure that all new customers are seamlessly introduced to your organisation with a positive and enjoyable experience that will help establish a strong initial relationship.

It is essential to have a thorough understanding of what the starting and endpoints of your customer onboarding workflow will be before continuing with the connecting steps.

In our free template which can be downloaded below, we begin our process with the sending of the proposal agreement and end with a 30-day check-up call.

However, your organisation may do things completely differently. The good thing about Jomo247 is that our workflow designer is completely customisable, so you can tailor your processes specifically to your organisation.

Now you can determine the remaining connecting steps that need to be accomplished so that your process may move from start to finish.

Next you will want to outline who exactly will be involved within your customer onboarding workflow. Examine which stakeholders are involved, their responsibilities and the information they require to effectively perform the task.

Based on these different factors you can then create specific roles for each step of the task and establish accountability. With Jomo247 roles are completely customisable and are easily associated with specific steps in out workflow designer.

You can give your roles generic names like in our example, such as “Product Manager”, “Accounting” or “Sales Team”.  However, you may also want the role names to be more specifically tailored to you organisation and its different departments.

Once all these factors have been considered you can now create your workflow template.

You could design a simple image of your template on paper for example, but we recommend using a software that will help automate your process like Jomo247.

Once you have finished creating your template it is now time to implement your new employee onboarding process.

Remember to always keep track of how your processes are performing in case improvements are required. Continual improvement of processes is critical for compliance and ensure your organisation is running a effectively as possible.

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