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What is a Customer Offboarding Workflow and why is it Important?

A customer offboarding workflow details all the steps that must be taken after a client decides to part ways with your organisation.

A successful customer offboarding workflow will ensure that all departing clients experience the same streamlined offboarding procedure ultimately helping to maintain a consistent brand image.

By preventing the opportunity for misunderstandings to arise from either party, a good customer offboarding workflow will also ensure that your organisation is able to maintain good relations with the offboarding customer even after they leave.

How to create your own Customer Offboarding Workflow

When planning your customer offboarding workflow, the first step is to establish both the scope and objectives you want to accomplish using this process.

For a customer offboarding workflow, your goal is to efficiently offboard a customer from your organisation whilst also ensuring good relations are maintained.

Once you have determined your scope and objectives, you can now consider what the beginning and endpoints of your customer offboarding workflow will be.

Our free example downloadable below, begins with the customer handing in their notice to terminate and ends with a 3-month check-in after offboarding.

Now that you have established the beginning and endpoints of your workflow, you can begin to fill in the remaining steps needed to connect and move your process through from start to finish.

Think about all the steps that your organisation needs to carry out to ensure a customer is successfully offboarded, such as an offboarding meeting or the collection of customer feedback.

Now you can determine what roles will be involved within your customer offboarding workflow. Think about which employees will be involved, their specific duties and what they will need to efficiently complete the task.

Once these have been determined you can create your roles. Our example uses broad role names such as ‘Project Manager’ or ‘Project Team’ but you may wish to tailor these more specifically to your company.

Once you have outlined a clear plan it is time to design your customer offboarding workflow template.

Traditional methods could be used to create a simple image of your workflow template. However, we recommend using a software such as Jomo247, that will allow you to completely customise and automate your workflow templates.

Our workflow designer also allows you to create customisable roles and link them to specific steps of the process meaning its even easier for you to control who will be involved within your customer offboarding workflow.

Once you have finished creating your template, it can now be implemented into daily operations. Remember to keep a close eye on how your new workflow is performing in real time in case adjustments are needed.

Continual improvement of your workflows is key to achieving standard compliance and ensuring your operations are running as smoothly as possible.

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