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Why is Customer Feedback Important?

Customer feedback is information collected from customers concerning their experiences and opinions of the products and services your organisation offers.

Customer feedback is essential to any organisation that offers goods or services helping you gain a thorough understanding of what drives your customers satisfaction.

Collecting customer feedback is essential to:

  • Improving Product Development Process
  • Improving Marketing Process
  • Driving Innovation
  • Understanding Your Customers
  • Engendering Customer Loyalty
  • Increasing Customer Retention
  • Obtaining reviews, testimonials, and referrals

What is a Customer Feedback Management Workflow and why is it Important?

A customer feedback management workflow defines the steps required by your organisation when responding to different types of customer response such as, suggestions, complaints, or commendations.

Having an established customer feedback management workflow helps standardise your organisations response and ensures all your customers have a consistent experience.

It also streamlines your response allowing you to manage customer feedback in an appropriate and timely fashion.

A successful customer feedback management workflow encourages good relationships with your customers by demonstrating that you value their opinions in shaping your products or services.

How to Create your own Customer Feedback  Management Workflow

When initially planning your customer feedback management workflow, it is important that you identify what results you are aiming to accomplish with this process.

For a customer feedback management workflow, the goal is to correctly respond to suggestions, complaints or commendations that have been made by your customers.

You can now consider what the beginning and endpoints of your workflow will be.

Once these have been decided, you can determine the rest of the steps involved in the process that need to be accomplished so that it can move from start to finish.

Think about the different steps a suggestion, complaint or commendation need to go through to be successfully dealt with and ensure customer satisfaction.

Remember to determine which specific steps will require conditional logic before they can be actioned through.

Next you can determine who will have responsibility within this customer feedback management process.

Think about the stakeholders involved, their duties and what information they will need to successfully complete the task.

It is important to note that multiple roles could have responsibility on a singular step.

Alternatively, a singular role may have responsibilities on a range of different steps.

You can use broadly generic terms with which to define your roles.

For instance, our free workflow example you can download below uses terms such as ‘Complaints Owner’ or ‘Customer Service’.

Alternatively, you may want to use roles that are more explicitly tailored to the different departments within your organisation.

Once a clear plan is complete it is now time to produce your workflow template.

A Digital Customer Feedback Management System

You could draw up your customer management workflow using paper or software such as PowerPoint.

However, we recommend using a digital workflow template builder that will automate your processes, like Jomo247.

Jomo27 also incorporates customisable roles into our workflow template designed making it even easier for you to control who is involved in each step of your process.

Once the template is complete you can now implement the new workflow.

Don’t forget it is crucial to always monitor the performance of your new process in real time in case adjustments or improvements are required.

The continual improvement of you workflows is pivotal to achieving compliance and ensuring your organisation is operating effectively.

Customer Feedback Forms

The best way to collect customer feedback is through carefully designed surveys that are clear, engaging, and easy to understand for all customers.

Regularly collecting customer feedback encourages good relationships with your customers by demonstrating that you value their opinions in shaping your products or services.

To download our free Customer Feedback Form Template example and learn how to make your own click here.

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