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What is a customer feedback form template and why is it important?

A customer feedback form template allows you to collect crucial customer data that will help you to improve both your products and services and ensure you are compliant with ISO 9001 Clause 9.1.2 Customer Satisfaction.

Regularly collecting feedback through your customer feedback form template encourages good relationships with your customers.

It demonstrates that you value their opinions in shaping your products or services.

By having a thorough understanding of your customers opinions through your customer feedback form template, your organisation can increase customer retention, satisfaction, and their future purchases.

How to create your own customer feedback form template

To begin planning your customer feedback form template you need to firstly define the specific information you want to collect with said form.

Think carefully about all the data you need to collect from your customers so that you can obtain a thorough understanding of their opinions and experiences of your products and/or services.

With any form, it is always important to have a section to collect data about who is filling in the form to ensure traceability.

For a customer feedback form template it is important that you collect who filled in the form, the company they are from and the date they completed said form.

Then you will have the section for the collection of customer feedback, where you can ask important questions that will give you a thorough understanding of your customers opinions.

When creating questions, carefully consider the wording and what you are asking to ensure your customer feedback form template is clear, engaging, and easy to understand for all your customers.

You should also consider whether you want the data you collect to be purely quantitative, qualitative or a mix of the two.

Using quantitative data will make it easier to compare feedback from various customers at once whereas, qualitative data will provide you with more detailed feedback on how you can improve your products and/or services.

Our free example, which can be downloaded below uses very broad questions that are applicable for most businesses.

However, you may wish to tailor you customer feedback form template so that the questions are more unique and useful to your individual organisation.

It is always good to leave a section on your form that allows the customer to leave any additional comments concerning things you may not have even factored in when creating the questions for your customer feedback form template.

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