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Our guide to hiring contractors, and your free downloadable contractor hiring process PDF!

What is a Contractor and why might you need one?

A contractor is professional individual who provides a specific set of skills or services to your company over a set period; they can be contracted for specific hours, a set timeframe or for the duration of a specific project.

Recruiting a contractor can benefit your business by:

  • Providing a more flexible alternative to permanent employment which can be less cost effective in the long-term.
  • Bringing in individuals with more specialist knowledge. This is particularly useful when carrying out different projects that may require different skillsets.
  • Allowing your organisation, the freedom to choose the best person for the job helping to increase efficiency and profitability.
  • Easing the workload on other employees in your organisation by allowing them to focus more on the core business activities.

What is a Contractor Hiring Process and why is it important?

The contractor hiring process outlines all the steps that are necessary in locating and hiring the most suitable contractor for a specific project or set of projects.

The contractor recruitment process follows the entire period from the moment the projects requiring the input of a contractor are determined up until the time that an offer is extended the most qualified contractor.

Having a streamlined hiring process makes locating the most suitably experienced and skilled contract for the job faster and easier for your organisation and helps reduce the workload for your HR department.

A robust contractor hiring process will also help engender and promote a good brand image for your organisation as it ensures that all potential contractors have the same positive experience when communicating with you.


How to create your own Contractor Hiring Process.

To create your own streamlined contractor hiring process workflow template, you need to begin by determining both the scope and outcomes you want to achieve with it.

The main objective of your contractor hiring process is the successful location and hiring of the most suitably skilled and experienced contractor to work on a specific project or set of projects.

Once your scope and objectives have been established, you now want to think what the start and endpoints of your contractor recruitment workflow will be.

In our free example which you can download below, our workflow starts with the determination of any projects that may require contractor input and ends with the extending of an offer to the most qualified contractor.

Now that you have determined your starting and endpoints, you need to fill in all the connecting steps that will allow your process to move through from beginning to end.

Think about every step that needs to happen within your contractor recruitment process, such as creating the job advert, requesting quotes, and sending off the independent contractor agreement.

Once all the steps in your contractor hiring process have been confirmed, you should now consider the roles that will have responsibility in the process, and which steps they will be involved in.

Think about all the stakeholders that will play a part in the process, their responsibilities, and what information they will require to effectively complete the task at hand.

Based on these factors you can then determine the roles and their involvement at each step of your process establishing accountability.

Our example uses very generic roles names like ‘HR’ and ‘Project Managers’ however, your organisation may wish to tailor the role names more suitably to your specific circumstances.

With Jomo247, customisable roles are built into are workflow designer and can easily be associated with certain steps in your process meaning controlling task security and efficiency is simple for your organisation.

Using Jomo247 to create your Contractor Hiring Process.

Now that all your planning is complete, you can finally create your own contractor hiring process template.

You may choose to use more traditional methods to create a basic image of your template.

Alternatively, we recommend using a software like Jomo247 that allows you to create and automate processes with ease helping to eliminate messy paper trails.

To read more about automation and the future of task management click here.

Once your contractor hiring process template is finalised it is now time to implement your new workflow.

Do not forget it is important to constantly monitor the performance of a new workflow in case any changes may be required.

Remember recording continual improvement on your processes is important in ensuring your organisation conforms to ISO 9001:2015.

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