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What is a calibration record template and why is it important?

A calibration record template details which specific piece of measuring equipment was calibrated, when, and the outcome.

Collating calibration data through record templates and forms allows you to easily monitor the lifecycles of your assets and document their accuracy.

Documenting equipment calibration is important as it enables you to clearly evidence that you are periodically checking your assets and ensuring that they are taking measurements correctly.

This is crucial to meeting ISO 9001 Clause, and your calibration record templates will enable you to provide evidence of this calibration process.

How to create your own calibration record template

When planning your calibration record template you first need to consider what specific information you want to collate using said form.

Think about all the data you require to evidence that an asset has been successfully calibrated and is taking readings correctly.

When creating your form, you need to think about who will be involved in the calibration process.

For example, does your company employ external contractors for calibration or do you have your own reference for the job?

It is essential to always ensure traceability especially when dealing with specific assets.

Therefore, it is always important to have a section on your form where you can collect details about the individual asset such as its name, reference number, location, or owner.

Next, you can focus on what data needs to be collected about the calibration process itself.

Consider the information you need to collect to evidence calibration has been completed correctly such as, who the instrument was calibrated by or whether the asset passed calibration.

You may also wish to create a section on your form that allows the individual carrying out the calibration to leave any additional comments that you may not have factored in when creating the form.

With asset calibration it is key that it is periodically carried out to ensure the best accuracy of your assets.

Therefore, it is crucial to include a section for the next date that the asset should be calibrated by on your form.

Accountability is also critical to compliance, so remember to always include a section for signature and date collection.

This means that if anything were to go wrong with an asset and you need to chase it up, it is easy to locate the individuals involved in or responsible for the lifecycle of that asset.

Lastly, consider if you will require management to also sign off on a form. If so, don’t forget to include a section for management signature and date collection.

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